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Phang Yu Hon (2003) wearing an Old Rafflesians' Association (ORA) necktie with Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's autograph

Mr. Phang studied at the same schools as every PM - CHS & RI - where teachers-turned-tutors build their careers by claiming credit for the results of students whose secrets are in their genes.

From Catholic High to Raffles Institution

On an uneventful Saturday in 2010, while wrapping up his afternoon class, Mr. Phang has surprise visitors! Fiona Foo (Singapore Physics Olympiad Champion 2007 - back from the US on summer break) and Chen Hongjie (NJC's Top Student in Mathematics and Science - LKY Maths & Science Award 2010 - on army break)

The Straits Times Jan 11, 2008

NUS High tops physics contest

NUS High School bags top prizes in Singapore Physics Olympiad in its first showing

By Jane Ng

CHAMPION: Fiona Foo, 17, was the overall winner.

THE National University of Singapore (NUS) High School has had a stellar first showing in the Singapore Physics Olympiad, bagging the crown as the overall school champion as well as producing the overall winner, 17-year-old Fiona Foo.

"Sunday Times Super-Tutor" Mr. Phang's 2007 physics tuition class including two "Super-Students" - Kang Zi Yang (front table second from left) and Chen Hongjie (front table second from right)

MediaCorp Channel 5 National Science Challenge Finals Oct 9, 2008

Kang Zi Yang - National Science Challenge Champion 2008

Lee Kuan Yew Award for Mathematics & Science 2018. From left: Muzammil Arif, Pan Liyu, Mr. Phang
Mr. Phang's bonus for having first-class physics tuition students is attending glam ceremonies in his personal private capacity.

Teacher's Day 2009

The student in white at the centre of the photo was in JC1 in 2009, one year younger than the others. Nevertheless, he scored 3rd highest in Mr. Phang's JC2 'A' Level Physics Concept Test 2009, behind only Chen Hongjie and his junior at Raffles Institution, Kang Zi Yang.

(This is a challenging physics concept test for all JC2 students, nicknamed "From Uncertainties to Uncertainty", spanning the entire 'A' level syllabus from classical to quantum physics. Although some of the students attending Mr. Phang's JC2 class are actually younger than JC2 (in red)).

Mr. Phang's JC2 'A' Level Physics Concept Test (Students' Initials and School)
Year 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
1st Position

(Alphabetical Order)

S.Ravindran (RJC) Y.X.Lim (HCJC) L.Ho (HCI-College) S.Lam (RIJC) H.J.Chen (NJC)
2nd Position

(Alphabetical Order)

C.Toh (AJC) F.Foo. (NUSH Sec 4) C.Low (HCI-College) N.Handa (TJC) Z.Y.Kang (RI Sec 4)
3rd Position

(Alphabetical Order)

D.Chan (RJC) A.Koh (RI Sec 4)

Y.Z.Lee (NUSH Sec 4)

C.H.Ew (MJC)

J.T.Luo (NJC)

S.Lim (HCI-College)

H.T.Sim (NYJC)

W.Wong (RIJC)


I.Ang (CJC)

K.Y.Lee (RI JC1)

Honorable Mentions

(Alphabetical Order)

B.Ang (RJC)

J.Low (HCJC)

J.Thia (RJC)

P.Yow (ACJC)

B.Tay (RJC)

M.H.Low (HCJC)

V.Madan (RJC)

H.J.Teo (RJC)

J.Khoo (ACS(I))

Y.H.Lee (NUSH Sec 4)

E.Siak (HCI-College)

K.H.Seah (RI Sec 4)

T.W.Chin (TJC)

B.Hong (RIJC)

B.Chua (SRJC)

G.Chong (MJC)

W.Q.Ong (SAJC)

Mr. Phang's JC2 'A' Level Physics Concept Test (Students' Initials and School)







1st Position

(Alphabetical Order)

S.Sritharan (RI)

J.Tay (RI)

Z.W.Liaw (VJC)

R.N.Ng (HCI)

B.Koh (RI)

M.Low (HCI)

2nd Position

(Alphabetical Order)

J. Lee (MJC)

K.Y.Quek (RI)

A.Seow (RI Sec 4)

K.Oung (RI)

J.Yeow (RI)

K.Panwar (RI)

M.Shi (RI Sec 2)

X.W. Ong (RI)

3rd Position

(Alphabetical Order)

R.Adhitya (NJC)

K.Ng (HCI)

D.Madaan (VJC)

M.Low (HCI JC1)

M.Tan (AJC)

S.Gandhi (RI)

J.Goh (RI)

K.Siah (RGS Sec 3)

Honorable Mentions

(Alphabetical Order)

M.Ong (NUSH Sec 4)

N.Low (HCI JC1 Student)

R.Chen (RI Sec 4)

E.S.Siaw (TJC)

K.Y.Lee (RI JC1)

M.Lio (Dunman High)

S.Tan (RI)

W.J.Chen (NJC JC1)

Y.E.Lee (RI)

Z.Y.Quek (AJC)

K.L.Quek (HCI)

L.Tan (RI)

L.Teo (RI)S.C.Lim (TJC)

W.T.Phua (Dunman High)

Y.H.Chuah (RI)

X.Lim (RI Sec 3)

Z.T.Sew (HCI)

C.Y.Leung (AJC)

E.Lin (NYJC)

F.M.Wang (RI Sec 2)

H.W.Tay (RGS Sec 4)

M.Kwok (SAJC)

M.R.Tan  (RI)

S.Tham (RI)

T.Ong (NUSH Sec 2)

Z.D.Yeap (CJC)

A.Amirzah (CJC)

G.Ge (HCI)

K.Sezhiyan (RI)

M.Q.Kum (TJC)

N.Chia (RI)

S.E.Lee (HCI)

Z.H.Goh (TJC)

Mr. Phang's JC2 'A' Level Physics Concept Test (Students' Initials and School)







1st Position

(Alphabetical Order)

R.Arya Varma (ACSI)

C.Li (HCI)

H.L.Kek (SJI(Int'l))

J.Y.Ang (ACSI) R.Anand (NJC)

2nd Position

(Alphabetical Order)

K.Gunasekaran (RI)

N.Lee (VJC)

R.Goh (AJC)


W.Koh (HCI)

Y.J.Tarn (HCI)

Y.L.Teng (HCI)

A.Khan (NJC)

B.Gunawan (NJC)

J.Q.Lim (HCI)

S.Patil (NJC)

3rd Position

(Alphabetical Order)

K.Kong (MJC)

L.Y.Pan (RI Sec 2)

S.P.Tan (HCI)

P.S.Kyaw (VJC)

L.Foo (RI)

E.J.Tan (ACSI) I.Lee (EJC)

Honorable Mentions

(Alphabetical Order)

C.Li (RI Sec 2)

D.Wo (NJC Sec 4)

J.Chee (HCI Sec 4)

J.J.Er (RI)

K.Lim (RI)

N.Lee (RI Sec 4)

Q.K.Kwok (RI)

R.Leow (RI)

W.H.Xu (VJC)

W.Q.Chang (HCI)

A.Ying (RGS Sec 4)

E.Chan (RI Sec 3)

E.Xu (RI)

K.Hong (RI JC1)

N.Gireesh (RI)

N.Gireesh (VJC)

S.Panwar (RI)

T.Tan (AJC)

T.Y.Ding (SJI(I) Sec 3)

Y.H.Ching (HCI)

Z.E.Lim (RI Sec 3)

B.Lien (NYJC)

C.Chue (RGS Sec 4)

E.Low (RI)

G.Lee (RVHS)

J.Ang (HCI)

L.Tan (RI Sec 4)

R.Chin (RGS Sec 4)

R.Vig (NUSH Sec 4)

R.J.Zheng (NJC)


C.Teh (RI)

J.Chong (RI)

J.D.Lim (RI Sec 4)

J.Q.Loo (RI)

P.Kummar (PJC)

R.Sriram (CJC)

S.H.Sze (NJC)

W.F.Tang (HCI)

Y.Yu (HCI)

Z.R.Zhai (HCI)

Z.X.Tan (AJC)

D.Qiu (RI Sec 4)

H.Liu (RI Sec 3)

K.R.Tay (RI Sec 4)

J.Che (SAJC)

J.Kerk (NUS High Sec 3)

J.Lim (ACSI Sec 3)

K.Koh (RI)

R.Haq (RI Sec 4)

R.Sua (AJC)

T.L.Low (NJC)

Y.H.Loh (RI)

Z.Q.Xu (HCI)

2019 would be the last year where Mr. Phang's annual JC2 physics concept test results are tabulated above.

2020 marked a new era where half of Mr. Phang's students are on ZOOM and took the test at home. Thus it would not be fair to compare results.

Dinner break during A-level physics tuition intensive revision lessons in October 2005
From left to right: Sarah Low (RJC), Betram Ang (RJC / 2006 President's Scholar), Gabriel Pang (HCJC), Jonathan Lim (RJC), Pradeep Nair (NJC), Saravana Ravindran (RJC / 2006 Institute of Physics Singapore (IPS) Gold Medallist for being one of the top 10 A-level students in the 2005 Physics Examination)


Secondary School Students in Mr. Phang's H3 Physics Tuition Class

students in Mr. Phang's A-level H3 physics tuition class were still in secondary school.
Front row (from left to right): Wang Fan Ming RI (NMO Team Champion 2010), Matthew Shi RI (SJPO Gold 2014/15), Xavier Lim RI (SJPO Gold 2013), Teddy Ong NUSH (SJPO Gold 2013/14/15)

"so understandable everyone can understand and connect with it. Everyone."
Xavier Lim, Raffles Institution, 2012

Mr. Phang is very funny and demonstrates physics in everyday analogies ..."
Teddy Ong, NUS High School of Math & Science, 2013

"I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from his lessons, ..."
Matthew Shi, Raffles Institution, 2014



Saravana's Congratulatory SMS to Mr. Phang on being conferred "Sunday Times Super Tutor" on Jun 15, 2008

Hi Mr. Phang, this is your old student saravana here, hope you still remember me! Just saw the article in the papers today, congratulations! the article write-up and the front page cover were really good! All the best for the future mr.phang, i will definitely continue to spread the word to friends and family looking for physics tuition!

From: Saravana
10.42am 15/6/08


"... surrounded by top school students, I am probably one of your more unique students having skipped Sec 4 and JC2 classes to jump straight into H3 and was even given the chance to be the sole representative for my school in the SJPO!"

Raphael Loh, Whitley Secondary School, 2014
(Sec 4 student who completed Mr. Phang's 'A' level H3 physics tuition in 2014/
Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) Silver Medalist 2014)

(Click here to see Raphael's Testimonial)



An Illustrious Rafflesian Family

What else does Mr. Phang have in common with PM Lee, other than that they are both alumni of Catholic High?

They both have very close relatives who topped Raffles Institution (and Singapore) in the Cambridge School Certificate Examination.

Mr. Lee's father was R.I.'s top student in 1940; while Mr. Phang's uncle was R.I.'s top student in 1955.

Both also had lots of power.

One had tremendous amounts of political power; the other tremendous amounts of electrical power.

The blog below belongs to Mr. Phang's uncle (大伯), last Director of Electricity at the Public Utilities Board before became Singapore Power.


Academic ability, just like musical and sporting talent, runs in the family (just ask any person mentioned on this page).

Mr. Phang himself is the second-generation member of an illustrious Rafflesian Family.

Prof. Phang Kok Wai (NTU School of Civil Engineering) - RI's Top Maths Student in 1956

Unlike tutors who coveted to teach at RI instead of their own alma mater which needed them more,
Mr. Phang had no ulterior motive to study at RI as it was a natural family tradition.