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International Baccalaureate I.B. Physics Tuition
Tel: 62756800

Mr. Phang's I.B. students attend most of his A Level classes. In Year 6, there are 8 extra free-of-charge lessons to cover topics unique to I.B.

Can I.B. students understand A Level physics? It depends on the students' origins.

Although the I.B. is broader than Singapore's A Level, it is shallower as most I.B. candidates reside in countries where studying is not a priority. To put things in perspective, ACS (I) alone has more perfect scorers than the world's 4,960 I.B. schools combined (Click: Channel NewsAsia), which is quite an overkill.

Students who grew up here should benefit from exposure to more rigorous Singapore-Cambridge A Level questions and breeze through the I.B. like these below.

Top in Physics (92%)

Provisional Year 5 Final Examination

Rohan Arya Varma (ACSI)

YDSP Academic Award (Physics)

Young Defence Scientists Programme

Rohan Arya Varma (ACSI)

Testimonials from some IB students

In Chronological Order followed by Alphabetical Order

“Mr. Phang's lessons are incredibly easy to comprehend ... he uses real life and contemporary examples to make his lessons interesting and easier to understand.”

“His touch of humour in teaching can be a valuable asset in helping to recall facts during those critical moments in the exams.”

“All I needed was Mr. Phang's guidance to achieve a 7 in higher level Physics.”

“His blunt and direct manner of explaining things often left the class in throes of laughter and yet served its purpose at the same time ...”

“One of your most memorable ones would be your p-pop performance!* ... a 7 for physics in my prelims and I.B. examinations. This was a huge jump from the 4 I got for my Year 5 exams.” * Note: "P-pop" stands for "Physics Pop". It's performed "Phang-nam" style and much more educational than "K-pop".

“A large part of his lessons are focused on providing analogies in order to aid the understanding of complex concepts.”

“His H3 lessons are like his H2 lessons and special IB lessons, entertaining and fun.”

“I had the best of both worlds - quality teaching for both the IB and A-level H2 and H3 programmes.”

“Although Mr. Phang's jokes may be corny or lame, they definitely help me to remember important physics concepts that have helped me score well for every physics exam since Sec 3!”

“Mr. Phang's physics lessons are always very interesting and lively because of the many sarcastic and silly jokes that he makes ... allowing me to do well in the subject since joining the tuition in sec 3. Thank you Mr. Phang!”

“Mr. Phang is a very humorous teacher, starting from waist exercises (when doing gravitational field) to Phang-nam style (when teaching electromagnetic induction). All these analogies made the lessons funny and helped me to memorise difficult physics concepts.”

“His lessons were engaging and I was able to grasp the concepts easily with his funny but realistic analogies.”

“Mr. Phang has an extremely unique and interesting style and method of teaching. By using his own creative analogies ...”

“While it may take a while to warm up to Mr. Phang's quirky sense of of humour, his amusing antics and occasional bluntness made learning a lot more fun and easier to remember.”