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Testimonials carry only as much weight as the people who write them.

Mr. Phang is greatly honoured to be the preferred tutor of the brightest students in Singapore, who are experts in the subject physics. Their testimonials are collated in the EXPERT OPINIONS' SECTION.

Mr. Phang also has many students who appreciate the positive influence of these brilliant students (近朱者赤). Their testimonials are chronologised in the CHRONOLOGICAL TESTIMONIALS SECTION.


"Mr. Phang communicates the physics concepts in an interesting fashion ... In his lesson physics is not boring."

Click here to see Fiona's Testimonial

Fiona Foo, NUS High School of Math & Science, 2006
(Singapore Physics Olympiad Champion 2007)

"Surely, there is no better place to learn physics than in Mr. Phang's class, where questions are challenging and his explanations of them even more enlightening ... "

Click here to see Hongjie's Testimonial

Chen Hongjie, National Junior College, 2009
(The Lee Kuan Yew Mathematics and Science Award Winner 2010)

Fiona Foo (SPhO Champion 2007) & Chen Hongjie (LKY Maths & Science Award 2010)

Surprise Visitors

On an uneventful Saturday, while wrapping up his afternoon class, Mr. Phang has surprise visitors! Fiona Foo (Singapore Physics Olympiad Champion 2007 - back from the US on summer break) and Chen Hongjie (NJC's Top Student in Mathematics and Science - LKY Maths & Science Award 2010 - on army break)

Kang Zi Yang (seated 2nd from left) & Chen Hongjie (seated 2nd from right)

Super Students

Chen Hongjie met Kang Zi Yang again 3 years later at the LKY Maths & Science Award presentation 2010, being respectively among Singapore's top 10 / 15 students in the Pre-University / Secondary Section

"Thank you for teaching me Physics ~ I've learnt a great deal from your lessons."

MediaCorp Channel 5 National Science Challenge Finals Oct 9, 2008

Kang Zi Yang, Raffles Institution, 2007
(National Science Challenge 2008 Champion / International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) 2011 Champion Team Representing Singapore cum Highest Individual Score / The Lee Kuan Yew Mathematics and Science Award Winner 2010/2012)

Singapore Ranked First at International Physics Olympiad

Channel News Asia July 19, 2011

Kang Zi Yang (Raffles Institution) - top Singaporean student at the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) 2011

plus also ... Winner of the Institute of Physics (IPS) Medal for the 2011 'A' Level Physics Examination

Awarded to the 10 highest scorers in each year's G.C.E. 'A' Level Physics Examination

Most physics tutors won't live to see even one of their own private tuition students get this coveted medal, much less three students (two more below)

"I also enjoy going to Mr. Phang's classes because he himself is a humorous person and ensures that all his classes are fun and enjoyable."

Click here to see Saravana's Testimonial

Saravana s/o Ravindran, Raffles Junior College, 2005
Winner of the Institute of Physics (IPS) Gold Medal for the 2005 'A' Level Physics Examination
(Awarded to the highest scorers in Singapore's 2005 Physics Exam)

"Mr. Phang entertains his class with his sense of humour to make Physics so much more fun ..."

Click here to see Benjamin's Testimonial

Benjamin Tay, Raffles Junior College, 2006
Winner of the Institute of Physics (IPS) Gold Medal for the 2006 'A' Level Physics Examination
(Awarded to the highest scorers in Singapore's 2006 Physics Exam)

"Mr. Phang is a very humorous teacher, starting from waist exercises (when doing gravitational field) to Phang-nam style (when teaching electromagnetic induction)."

First International School Student to Top the Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) General Round

Ding TianYao, St Joseph's Institution International School, 2016

TianYao's Mum Good News SMS

Translation - "Mr. Phang, just received SJPO results, TianYao got Gold, too delighted, initially thought there was no chance as the second special round had lots of writing questions. After learning from you for 2 years, TianYao's interest in physics is becoming more and more intense."

Ding TianYao received 1 of 12 Gold Medals at the SJPO and also topped the General Round

"When teaching the topic of Magnetic Induction, he referenced the popular meme Gangnam Style, causing the class to break into giggles as he pranced about while explaining ..."

Click here to see Emmanuel's Testimonial

Emmanuel Chan, Raffles Institution, 2019 (SJPO 2017 Gold Medalist / SPhO 2018 Silver Medalist)

More Super Students

Sec 3 Students attending Mr. Phang's H3 Physics Class

1. Wang Fanming RI (NMO Champion 2010); 2. Matthew Shi RI (SJPO Gold Medallist 2014/15); 3. Xavier Lim RI (SJPO Gold Medallist 2013); 4. Teddy Ong NUS High (SJPO Gold Medallist 2013/14/15)

"Mr. Phang is very funny and demonstrates physics in everyday analogies ..."

Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad 2013

Teddy Ong, NUS High School of Math & Science, 2013 (First Student to Break the Age Barrier (Youngest Ever) to Win a Gold Medal at the Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO))

Teddy's Dad Good News SMS - Teddy was top Singapore Student at the Asian Physics Olympiad (APhO) 2017

Update: Teddy Ong (NUS High School) won Gold at the International Physics Olympiad (IPhO) 2017 - Singapore won 5 gold medals to rank 1st out of 86 participating countries

Click here to see Teddy's Testimonial

Matthew's Mum Good News SMS

Singapore Physics Olympiad (SPhO) 2015

Matthew Shi (Raffles Instituion) and Teddy Ong (NUS High School) were the only two Sec 4 students in Singapore to win Gold Medals at the SPhO 2015

"I have thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from his lessons, ..."

Click here to see Matthew's Testimonial

Matthew Shi, Raffles Institution, 2014
(Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) Gold Medalist 2014/2015 and one of only two Year 4 students who won Gold at the Singapore Physics Olympiad (SPhO) 2015 - the other is Teddy Ong)

"so understandable everyone can understand and connect with it. Everyone."

Click here to see Xavier's Testimonial

Xavier Lim, Raffles Institution, 2012
(Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) Gold Medalist 2013)

"His lectures are full of logical analogies and humour, perhaps making his lessons the only physics classes that are not humdrum or mundane!"

Click here to see Damien's Testimonial

Damien Wo, National Junior College, 2015
(Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) Silver Medalist 2015)

"a testamont to the number of students he has taught who have gone on to attain many awards and accolades on the national and international level. That to me, is what truly makes Mr. Phang a super tutor."

Click here to see Firas' Testimonial

Mikail Firas S/O Abdul Jabbar, Raffles Institution, 2021
(New Zealand Young Physicists' Tournament (NZYPT) Champion Team 2020)

"Even though I was two years younger, your lessons were very clear and easy to follow. The analogies and examples you used made things understandable ..."

Click here to see Arif's Testimonial

Muzammil Arif S/O Abdul Jabbar, Raffles Institution, 2015
(Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) Gold Medalist 2015 / International Young Physicists' Tournament (IYPT) Champion Team 2016)

Lee Kuan Yew Award for Mathematics & Science 2018

From left: Muzammil Arif S/O Abdul Jabbar (IYPT 2016 Champion Singapore Team), Pan Liyu (SYPT 2017 Champion RI Team), Mr. Phang

Mr. Phang's bonus for having first-class physics tuition students is attending glam ceremonies in his personal private capacity

"The lesson was so interesting, I decided to join his physics class in Sec 2. It turned out to be the best choice in my life! (so far)."

Click here to see Liyu's Testimonial

Pan Liyu, Raffles Institution, 2015
(Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) Gold Medalist 2017/ Singapore Young Physicists' Tournament (SYPT) Champion Team 2017)

"... by making even quantum physics crystal clear with his epic analogies and humour"

Click here to see Li Chang's Testimonial

Li Chang, Raffles Institution, 2015
(Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) Silver Medalist 2015/2016/ Singapore Young Physicists' Tournament (SYPT) Champion Team 2017)

"... surrounded by top school students, I am probably one of your more unique students having skipped Sec 4 and JC2 classes to jump straight into H3 and was even given the chance to be the sole representative for my school in the SJPO!"

Click here to see Raphael's Testimonial

Raphael Loh, Whitley Secondary School, 2014
(Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) Silver Medalist 2014)

The Law of Motivation

The Straits Times November 9, 2014

He was the only neighbourhood school student to win a gold or silver medal

Creators of Tomorrow CREATE 2010 Winner

The Straits Times December 19, 2009

Quek Keng Yong (Raffles Institution) with Teachers' Day Present Panda

Teachers' Day Present

 from Quek Keng Yong, Chan Mingjie and Goh Yuchen, Raffles Institution (Junior College), 2010

Note: there is blood dripping from Panda's mouth because Mr. Phang had warned that although "Physics" looks as cute as "Panda", it bites

"You've made me enjoy Physics a lot more, from all the "waist exercise" to "Phang-nam style" dancing."

Click here to see Ang Jun Yang's Testimonial

Ang Jun Yang, ACS(I) 2018
Top in IB Physics

Jun Yang's Mum Good News SMS

Jun Yang Got 95% for IB HL Physics

Top in IB Physics

95 Marks for HL Physics

Top Physics Student

Ang Jun Yang, ACSI (2018)

92 Marks for HL Physics

Top Physics Student

Rohan Arya Varma, ACSI (2015)

"His H3 lessons are like his H2 lessons and special IB lessons, entertaining and fun."

Click here to see Rohan's Testimonial

Rohan Arya Varma, ACS (I), 2015.
(DSTA Young Defence Scientists Programme (YDSP) Academic Award for Physics Recipient 2015 for being the Top Physics Student at ACS(I))

"Before I joined Mr. Phang's class, I could do well for physics but have little interest ..."

Click here to see Si Cheng's Testimonial

Ma Si Cheng, Hwa Chong Institution, 2015
(Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) Bronze Medalist 2015)

"Thank you for being such an entertaining and fun physics teacher! The analogies you use in class are really very memorable ..."

Click here to see Glady's Testimonial

Gladys Lee, Nanyang Girls' High School, 2013
(Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) Bronze Medalist 2013)

"A good portion of Mr. Phang's lessons are dedicated to guiding students on how to tackle the dreaded open-ended questions, giving his students a significant edge."

Click here to see Weijie's Testimonial

Chen Weijie, National Junior College, 2011
(Olympiad Gold Medalist 2011)

"Thanks so much for your inspiration! I am now on track to becoming an MOE teaching scholar, having been awarded their Education Merit Scholarship, and I look forward to applying the techniques that you taught me, and your love for your subject, to my own future students."

Click here to see Colin's Testimonial

Colin Low, Hwa Chong Institution (College Section), 2007
MOE Teaching Scholar

"He makes physics easy, interesting and fun ..."

Click here to see Jocelyn's Testimonial

Jocelyn Ng, NJC, 2010
Singapore Science and Engineering Fair (SSEF) 2010 Silver Award Winner

"I have never encountered any teacher as knowledgeable, passionate and dedicated as Mr. Phang. He is one of a kind, I must say."

Click here to see Boon Ping's Testimonial

Lu Boon Ping, SAJC, 2009
One of three top students in SAJC to get distinctions in two H3 subjects: Physics and Mathematics

"Mr. Phang has always advocated hard work and passion in Physics in order to do well. I feel that his attitude towards the learning of this amazing subject has rubbed off on me ..."

Click here to see Ian's Testimonial

Ian Ang, Catholic Junior College, 2009
NTU Nanyang Concept Test (Physics) Distinction (2nd Highest in CJC)

"Thank you for staying up so late every Friday to share with us your Physics knowledge, and explaining to us the practical applications too!"

Click here to see Jodan Kerk's Testimonial

Jodan Kerk, NUS High School, 2020
SJPO Silver Medallist 2020

"The interest sparked within me propelled me from a C6 in my Sec 3 EOYs to attaining a gold medal for SPhO less than 2 years down the road."

Click here to see YuFei's Testimonial

Yu Fei, Hwa Chong Institution, 2021
Singapore Physics Olympiad SPhO Gold Medallist 2020

"I am immensely grateful for the plethora of knowledge which he imparted in me."

Click here to see Mingyuan's Testimonial

Lu Mingyuan, Raffles Institution, 2020
Special Awards for Top 15 Students in Singapore

"His students’ stellar results speak volumes of his incredible teaching abilities. Under his tutelage, I was able to defend my title of Top in Physics in RI/RJC for 2 years in a row."

Click here to see Marcus Koh's Testimonial

Marcus Koh, Raffles Institution, 2021
Top Student in RI H2 Physics Exam 2020

"not only gained the wealth of physics knowledge that he has to offer, but more importantly, I have also had great fun doing it."

Click here to see Keith Chan's Testimonial

Keith Chan, Raffles Institution, 2021
SYPT Champion RI Team 1 2021

"I enrolled in Mr. Phang's Sec 3 lessons when I was in Sec 1 ... progressively Mr. Phang has kindly allowed me to attend his JC1, JC2 and H3 lessons ..."

Click here to see Martin Koh's Testimonial

Martin Koh, NUS High School, 2022
SJPO Gold 2021/2022
SYPT Gold 2022/ International Young Physicists' Tournament IYPT 2022 Highest Oppose Score of 8.00
1st Place / Gold Medallist

"with such a long list of students who have gone on to win awards on the international scale, it is no surprise that Mr. Phang is truly the 1st class physics tutor."

Click here to See Marcus Chu's Testimonial

Marcus Chu, Raffles Institution, 2021
National Science Challenge 2020
1st Runner-Up

"Thank you very much for the fun and engaging lessons over the years."

Click here to See Fu Weifeng's Teachers' Day Card

Fu Weifeng, Raffles Institution, 2021
SJPO Gold Medallist 2020

"Filled with cool experimental demonstrations and humorous analogies, Mr. Phang's lessons lessons deliver content effectively and enjoyably"

Click here to see Derrick Qiu's Testimonial

Derrick Qiu, Raffles Institution, 2021
SPhO Gold Medallist 2021

"he delivers lessons in a humorous yet effective way, allowing students to find joy in learning phyiscs"

Click here to see Tay Kar Ray's Testimonial and Awards

Tay Kar Ray, Raffles Institution, 2021
SJPO Silver Medallist 2019

"accompanied by funny, memorable and relevant jokes which aided the learning process."

Click here to see Joseph Lim's Testimonial and Awards

Joseph Lim, ACS (Independent), 2022
SPhO Silver Medallist 2021 / SJPO Silver Medallist 2019/2020

"True to its promise "First Class in Physics Tuition", Mr. Phang's lessons are unfailingly engaging and enriching."

Click here to see Gao Kehan's Testimonial

Gao Kehan, Raffles Institution, 2022
IPhO Silver Medallist 2022

"This has kindled a love for physics within me, allowing me to consistently score well. "

Click here to see Alex Pan's Testimonial

Alex Pan, Hwa Chong Institution, 2022
SYPT Silver Medallist 2022/ SJPO Silver Medallist 2022

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Raffles Family of Schools - 58 Testimonials
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Anglo-Chinese Family of Schools - 15 Testimonials
National Junior College - 15 Testimonials
Anderson Serangoon Junior College - 14 Testimonials
Victoria Junior College - 13 Testimonial
Dunman High School - 8 Testimonials
CHIJ St. Nicholas Girls' School - 6 Testimonials
NUS High School of Math & Science - 7 Testimonials
Catholic Junior College - 5 Testimonial
Saint Andrew's Junior College - 5 Testimonials
St. Joseph's Family of Schools - 5 Testimonial
School Of The Arts - 5 Testimonials
Nanyang Junior College - 4 Testimonials
River Valley High School - 4 Testimonials
Catholic High School - 3 Testimonials
Gan Eng Seng School - 3 Testimonials
Cedar Girls' Secondary School - 2 Testimonials
Crescent Girls' School - 2 Testimonial
Tanjong Katong Secondary School - 2 Testimonials
Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School - 1 Testimonial
Anderson Serangoon Junior College - 1 Testimonial
Beatty Secondary School - 1 Testimonial
CHIJ St.Theresa's Convent - 1 Testimonial
Chung Cheng High School (Main) - 1 Testimonial
Clementi Town Secondary School - 1 Testimonial
Compassvale Secondary School - 1 Testimonial
Deyi Secondary School - 1 Testimonial
Edgefield Secondary School - 1 Testimonial
Eunoia Junior College - 1 Testimonial
Jurong Junior College - 1 Testimonial
Maris Stella High School - 1 Testimonial
Ngee Ann Secondary School - 1 Testimonial
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