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Why learn H2 physics from Electrical Engineers ?

H2 Physics comprises 3 types of engineering: Electrical, Mechanical and Civil. Electrical topics are the most abstract, thus students shoot electrons in J2 and balls in J1.

Most labs in DSO, where Mr. Phang used to work and top students attach for research, are Electrical Labs. All 4 CEOs of DSO, the forefront of research in Singapore, are Electrical Engineering graduates (from Stanford, Cambridge, NUS and NUS chronologically).

Tutors with an Electrical background can thus provide students with deeper insights into H2 physics, H3 physics and research work.

Leonard Ho, Hwa Chong Institution (College Section), 2007
“The most striking feature of Mr. Phang's lessons is his idiosyncratic and lively teaching style, where he fuses humour seamlessly and effortlessly with complex physics concepts and explanations ... these classes were paramount in enabling me to achieve my distinction for the H3 'A' Level paper.”

Chen Hongjie, National Junior College, 2009
(A*Star Gold Medallist for H3 Physics Research on Magnetic Anisotropy /

LKY Maths & Science Award 2010 for the Top 10 Science Stream JC Students)
"Surely, there is no better place to learn physics than in Mr. Phang's class, where questions are challenging and his explanations of them even more enlightening ... "

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Mr. Phang has authored three solution workbooks on A level Physics:

1. G.C.E. A Level H2 Physics Worked Solutions (Topical) for Past Papers (published by Singapore Asia Publishers Pte Ltd). This workbooks is suitable for all students.

2. G.C.E. A Level H2 Physics Worked Solutions (Yearly) for Past Papers (published by Singapore Asia Publishers Pte Ltd). This workbook is particularly useful for JC2 students who have finished their prelims and are preparing for the final 'A' levels. By then students should be conversant will all topics and should be practicing paper-by-paper, rather than topic-by-topic, because the final exam tests across all topics without warning which question is on which topic.

3. Challenging Physics Worked Solutions for Past Special Papers from 1992 to 2006 (published by Dyna Publisher Pte Ltd) which from 2007 was replaced by H3 Physics (Essentials of Modern Physics Syllabus 9811). This workbook is suitable for students from top JCs who face tougher tests and exams. This book is out of print but can be found in second-hand bookstores.

A Level Physics Tuition Singapore

H2 Physics Worked Solutions

Singapore Asia Publishers Pte Ltd

Author: Phang Yu Hon

H2 Physics Worked Solutions

Singapore Asia Publishers Pte Ltd

Author: Phang Yu Hon

A Level Physics Tutor Singapore

Challenging Physics
Worked Solutions
(Special Papers from 1992 to 2006)

Dyna Publisher Pte Ltd (Out of Print)

Author: Phang Yu Hon

H2 Physics Tuition in Singapore | Physics Tutor for A Levels

Students taking the ‘A Levels’ examinations in Singapore may be interested in studying H2 or even H3 physics, especially if they have shown as an aptitude for the subject in secondary school. For H2 Physics, students are expected to have a strong foundation in the subject and can master challenging concepts while demonstrating skills in scientific inquiry. There are three core ideas in H2 Physics that students are supposed to comprehend: Systems and Interactions, Models and Representation, and Conservation of Law. Under each core idea, students are required to understand a list of essential topics to ensure that they have fully mastered the core idea. Topics in H2 Physics may be quantitative, where intensive calculations are needed, or qualitative, where students are required to explain and describe their answers.

Due to the higher level of academic rigour required when studying for the ‘A Levels’ in Singapore, students may be daunted by their lack of understanding during lessons in schools. A tutor for H2 Physics can help to bridge the academic gap between an under-performing student and his or her peers, as well as correct any misconceptions. Mr Phang is a physics tutor for different academic levels ranging from secondary school to pre-university levels like H2 and even H3. With his background in engineering, Mr Phang can assist students in understanding more about the subject and in the research work. Engineering topics are often more difficult for students to grasp, due to their more abstract nature. Hence, tuition lessons by a tutor like Mr Phang, who truly understands the complex concepts, can provide comprehensive explanations that the students can comprehend. As evidence of his mastery over the ‘A Levels’ Physics standard, Mr Phang has authored solution workbooks that have greatly helped students with their studies.

Many of Mr Phang’s ‘A Levels’ students have praised his lively teaching style and humorous nature during the tuition lessons. Apart from making his tuition classes interesting, Mr Phang has also reignited students’ interest in physics, motivating them to work harder and score even better results. Mr Phang also pushes the students to do better in their studies by setting challenging questions for them to answer during his classes, ensuring that they will not be bored during the lessons. ‘A Levels’ physics students in Singapore who finds the school schedule too fast-paced can also seek help from tutors to ensure that they do not miss out on critical knowledge and skills that can influence their results.

Those interested in joining Mr Phang’s H2 Physics classes should contact him at the number provided. For testimonials and certifications, please visit the other pages on the website.