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News on Super Tutor & his Super Students
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Mr. Phang is the only tutor in Singapore who is as reputable as his equally newsworthy students, and vice versa.

These students from top schools are less concerned about whether their tutor can give them good results, because they have already reached the pinnacle of Singapore.

Instead, they seek tutors like themselves in order to achieve a phenomenon known in physics as "resonance". Mr. Phang is greatly honoured to be the preferred tutor of students whose secrets are in their genes.

CREATE Champion 2010

The Straits Times December 19, 2009

Quek Keng Yong (Raffles Institution) left

IDA Thinkers Challenge Champion 2015

The Straits Times December 16, 2015

Lim Zinn-E (Raffles Institution) left

Space Dreams

The Straits Times March 26, 2018

Paul Seow (NUS High) - First Student on Left - The Straits Times Mixed Up

The Law of Motivation

The Straits Times November 9, 2014

He was the only neighbourhood school student to win a gold or silver medal

Raffles Schools Take 20 of 21 Top Places

The Straits Times March 1, 2005

Kang Zi Han (Raffles Girls' School) - Last Batch of 11 A1s

President's Scholars 2006

The Straits Times August 11, 2006

Bertram Ang (Raffles Institution) left

President's Scholars 2006

Channel News Asia

Bertram Ang (Raffles Institution)

A*Star Talent Search 2009

Gold Awards (Physics)

Chen Hong Jie (National Junior College)

Frontline Programme

MediaCorp Channel 8 October 8, 2010

Ryan Chen explains that he attended Mr. Phang's A-level physics tuition while he was in Sec 4 because physics was his favourite subject

National Science Challenge Finals 2008

MediaCorp Channel 5 October 9, 2008

Ryan Chen (extreme right) supporting the RI team at the 2008 National Science Challenge Finals

National Science Challenge Finals 2008

MediaCorp Channel 5 October 9, 2008

Kang Zi Yang - National Science Challenge Champion

Singapore Ranked First at International Physics Olympiad

Channel News Asia July 19, 2011

Kang Zi Yang (Raffles Institution) - top Singaporean student at IPhO 2011

Tuition in Singapore (Part 1)

Singapore Press Holdings RazerTV September 3, 2010

Full-Time Physics Tutor Phang Yu Hon

Frontline Programme

MediaCorp Channel 8 October 8, 2010

Mr. Phang (Physics Tutor) explains that some Sec 1 students come to learn Sec 3 stuff

Frontline Programme

MediaCorp Channel 8 October 8, 2010

Mr. Phang demonstrating to reporter Ms. Lynne Chee his student Fiona Foo's Teacher's Day present - the Blood-Stained Magical Sword

Singapore Physics Olympiad Champion 2007

The Staits Times January 11, 2008

Fiona Foo (NUS High School) Overall Champion

Super Tutors

The Sunday Times June 15, 2008

GP Tutor Tong Yee; Maths Tutor Celine Loi; Physics Tutor Phang Yu Hon; Maths Tutor Laura Oh; Economics Tutor Anthony Fok

The Millionaire Tutor

The Sunday Times November 9, 2014

Physics Tutor Phang Yu Hon

Super Tutors In Demand

The Straits Times May 23, 2016

Physics Tutor Phang Yu Hon


Shin Min Daily News September 6, 2010

Local Tutor King Phang Yu Hon