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Why learn from tutors who can also teach A-Level Physics ?

The fee for A-level is higher than O-level physics. Why do some tutors "specialise" in only O but not A-level physics?

There are 3 possibilities (try Google):

1. Science/Engineering graduates who messed up their degrees.

2. Good degrees but Business or Arts graduates trying to teach physics.

3. Good results but not yet graduates (NS and Undergrads).

Just scoring an A for a subject doesn't mean one can teach that subject.

Surely no one in his right mind would trust an engineer like Mr. Phang to teach economics, although Mr. Phang scored Grade A for economics as a contrasting subject in NUS Engineering (Click: Transcript).

Click on the links below for tips on O-Level Physics

1. Scalars and Vectors
2. Speed, Velocity and Acceleration
3. Forces and Moments
4. Work, Energy and Power
5. Pressure
6. Kinetic Molecular Model of Matter
7. Thermal Properties
8. Heat Transfer
9. Waves
10. Light
11. Sound
12. Magnetism
13. Charges
14. Current Electricity
15. Electric Circuits
16. Electromagnetism
17. Atomic Physics (Removed from G.C.E. only in IGCSE)

To test whether you can get a distinction click: O Level Physics Test

Physics Tutor For Pure O levels Tuition in Singapore

In local secondary schools, science is a mandatory subject that must be taken by students, either as a Combined Sciences subject or as a Pure Sciences subject. Due to the extensive range of applications that physics can be used for, it is often taken with Biology or Chemistry as a Combined Sciences subject. However, students that are confident in mastering physics at the ‘O Levels’ standard may choose to pursue it as a Pure Physics subject instead. Pure Sciences have a more substantial amount of content that a student has to be familiar with, due to the additional chapters that will be covered. Additionally, Pure Sciences students are required to have a deeper understanding of sections that are also included in Combined Sciences.

For Pure Physics, students in Singapore are required to take three papers that comprise of multiple-choice questions, structured questions and the Science Practical Assessment (SPA). Sections include Measurements, Newtonian Mechanics, Thermal Physics, Waves and, Electricity and Magnetism. While the same sections are also covered in Combined Sciences, Pure Physics have topics like Electromagnetic Induction under the Electricity and Magnetism section that are not included in Combined Sciences. Furthermore, Pure Physics questions may not be as direct as those in Combined Sciences, requiring students to be more analytical when deciphering and answering the questions. Unsurprisingly, the rigour required to master Pure Physics at the ‘O Levels’ standard may be challenging for some students, especially those that may have lost interest in the subject. An experienced tutor in Singapore will be able to guide the students and regain their lost interest, motivating them to score better results.

Due to his expertise in Physics, Mr Phang is an excellent tutor who can guide a student from his or her ‘O Levels’ to ‘A Levels’ and even H3. Many ‘O Levels’ students have benefitted from the continuity that he offers, allowing them to score better results in their examinations. His wealth of knowledge has helped him to have mastery over the topics tested, giving him the ability to craft analogies that will help the students to understand concepts better. Secondary school students that think Physics is a dull subject will be pleasantly surprised by Mr Phang’s sense of humour during tuition lessons, helping to make the subject seem more interesting. Even when they are under pressure during the actual examinations, students can recall the knowledge they have gained from Mr Phang’s humour anecdotes, and perform to their expectations.

Mr Phang is an outstanding physic tutor in Singapore that can help a student achieve their desired Physics results. For more information regarding Mr Phang tuition services, please refer to the other pages on the website, or send him an enquiry through the number provided. To read the testimonials left by his tuition students, refer to the “Testimonials” page where you can find comments sent by students and parents.