Certificates and Awards
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Unlike normal physics tutors, who are afraid to publicise their degrees and need to trumpet their students' alma mater, Mr. Phang proudly publicises his own degree and trumpets his own alma mater.

"I need to listen well so that I hear what is not said."
Professor of Law Dr. Thuli Madonsela

First Class Honours

Electrical Engineering

National University of Singapore

Second Position

Innovation Award for Honours Thesis

Faculty of Engineering (NUS)

Third Position

Technology Prize

Singapore Science Centre

Raffles Institution

Student Record

Admitted from Catholic High Primary School

Raffles Institution (1980) - Click on Photo to Enlarge

Back Row (5th from Left) MP of Bishan Chong Kee Hiong; Mid Row (6th from Left) Physics Tutor of Bishan Phang Yu Hon

Mr. Phang is greatly honoured to have studied with the who's whos in Singapore

Raffles Institution (1982) - Click on Photo to Enlarge

Although Mr. Phang's father Prof. Phang was RI's top math student, Mr. Phang himself did not win any prize at RI. The consolation is that Mr. Phang appeared in the same class photo above with RI's top math student (Professor); top physics student (Research Scientist); top chemistry student (Professor); top biology student (Doctor); top English student (Lawyer) & top Chinese Language student (ironically from Malaysia!)

Are your other tutors’ classmates as bright as Mr. Phang’s classmates? They are Googleable