Does the Type of Tutor Affect Your O-level Physics Performance?

Physics Tuition

The teaching fraternity bears with one of the most burdensome responsibilities in society. They nurture and prepare youngsters for the future by imparting skills and knowledge. Examinations serve many purposes. Not only are they used as an assessment of the students’ capacities, but they also indicate a teacher’s effectiveness. A tutor’s effectiveness can affect your performance in your O level examinations. This is mainly dependent on the teacher’s attitude and effectiveness, creativity and their skill level.

Tutors’ Attitude and Effectiveness

Effective teachers conduct O level and A level physics tuition in Singapore using a wide array of qualities such as planning, organisation and instructional skills. Effective tutors can envision course objectives for their students, then derive from their knowledge and training lessons that’ll meet the needs of the students. However, any tutor who walks into a classroom meets two categories of learners. The exceptional performers, who seldom need a tutor’s help, and the strugglers. Physics is widely known for producing a high number of strugglers.

The tutor’s attitude, especially towards the struggling students, can affect their performance. Tutors who view the strugglers as students who have put in their best effort are able to take control of the situation and come up with creative strategies to improve their performance. However, tutors who blame the students for their lack of achievement (for example by assuming that the learner is lazy) often limit their options and ability to affect their performance.

Tutors’ Creativity

Creativity is a process, not an outcome. Studies have shown that classroom lectures have little to do with learning, especially for physics tuition in Singapore. However, students can understand concepts from the teaching and become engaged and relate more intimately with creatively presented content. Creative tutors come up with ingenious ways to make a connection between what the students are learning at tuition and their interests. They are also able to segment the lesson structure in such that they will impart the most critical information when students are most attentive. This way, through creativity and proper planning, the tutor helps the student to retain a lot more information.

The Tutors’ Level of Skill

Earlier, we saw that a teacher’s effectiveness could affect your O level physics tuition. A common subject of debate is whether a teacher’s qualification level can affect student’s performance.

It would be great to have a highly qualified tutor, say tutor with a Bachelor of Science in physics, giving IP or H2 physics tuition in Singapore. But a better bargain would be to have highly effective tutors to coach students. Nevertheless, highly qualified teachers can fuel student’s interests in physics, which in turn significantly improves motivation and performance.

Here’s the bottom line.

The type of tutor for your O level, A level, H2 or IP physics tuition in Singapore affect your performance. The four pointers above show you how this happens and can help you in making the right decisions when selecting a tutor.