5 Ways to Enhance Physics Lessons

Physics Tuition Singapore

When your kids grow up in a physics-friendly environment they become more curious, think critically, have more profound reasoning, become more interested in science shows on TV and model science, even when they are playing.

Visit Science Centres

Organising outdoor activities every now and then keeps students interested and engaged in the subject. A field trip to the Singapore Science Centre is a great resource you shouldn’t let pass. It was set up way back in 1977 by Dr To Chin Chye, and its purpose is to showcase exhibits that illustrate physical sciences and promote the spreading of knowledge. If you are an student studying O level physics or H2 physics, you should visit the centre. You will find the exhibits more engaging and are more effective tools for studying physics.

Do Outreach Activities in Your Community

As Dr Yeo Ye of the National University of Singapore said, physics is crucial in boosting your understanding of the world. It challenges your imaginations and perceptions. But you have to experience the world for this to happen. You can do community outreach and visit facilities around your home to complement what you are learning in your A Level physics tuition or H2 physics tuition. An outreach activity such as an energy map of your neighbourhood can help you understand various concepts in physics. You can also engage in creative outdoor outreach activities such as boating and get a deeper understanding of concepts such as buoyancy and hydrodynamics.

Solicit for Teaching Aids and Materials

Not everyone lives near the Science Centre and experience all the resources there. But that doesn’t mean that the science centre cannot get close to you. If you are a parent of an O-level or A-level physics student in Singapore, you can request for resource materials from the Science Centre through the mail. Many tutors often overlook these materials since they are not from the conventional educational materials publishers, but they are great inexpensive resources.

Make Electronic Connections

If you’ve received materials from the Science Centre through the mail for your physics tuition, you’ll notice that they have activities and programs that involve logging on the internet or joining groups. E-mail communication or joining science groups can be a valuable resource in your physics tuition. In the groups, you can ask questions or answer questions and receive feedback from peers and experts in physics.

Use Games

For some kids, physics is a bore, but for others, it’s a breeze. You know that your kid is good in science, and you’ve even enlisted him in an excellent O-level physics tuition program, but you’re looking for something that’ll make his or her interest tick. Games can be quite a valuable resource to stir their interests.

Use any of these resources for teaching your kids and build their abilities in physics.