Understanding Physics in our Everyday Lives

Physics Tuition

A physics textbook will attempt to explain how things around you work. The book will blend theories, laws and mathematics to explain the occurrence of different concepts. During your physics tuition, the teacher may have tried to break the information down into small and understandable concepts. He went further to relate these concepts to your everyday life. Some of these concepts may look quite abstract especially if you do not link them to real life.

The truth, however, is that most of the things around you are controlled by Physics, from the way you communicate, commute from one place to another and the electronics you use at home. Without physics, some of the seemingly simple tasks will be complicated and difficult to accomplish.

The choice of utensils you use in your kitchen is based on Physics. Even that shower you enjoy every day is possible thanks to Physics. You will need to go beyond the classroom or the exam room for you to understand the significance of Physics in life. Here are examples that will help you appreciate the role that Physics plays in your life.

In medicine

You may have visited the hospital at one point of your life or accompanied someone there. That X-ray to check a broken bone or any other part of your body was made possible by physics. Checking your blood pressure is vital to your health. It indicates the state of your health. Physics makes it possible to check your blood pressure. In case a patient is at risk of a cardiac arrest, a defibrillator is what makes the difference between life and death of the patient. This medical gadget functions on the principals of Physics.

In energy

The gas you use to cook your meals is thanks to Physics. The music you enjoy in your house is due to Physics. Can you imagine life without electricity? It would be dull and boring. Even your fridge is powered by Physics. In case you wish to work in the oil industry, then Physics will be an essential component of your career. You will apply the concepts you learned during the A level Physics tuition to advance your career.

In communication

Do you love communicating with your friends and family members? Communication has evolved from basic to complex forms of communication. From that hand-delivered letter or telegram to an email, fax and now to more advanced forms such as social media. You can share your stories with your family members living in a different continent within minutes. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram have made communication easy, fast and versatile. The innovation in communication is possible because of Physics. That smartphone you cannot do without is powered by Physics. Its operating and charging systems ride on scientific concepts.

Job creation and economy stimulation

People seeking careers in Physics related areas have a broad scope of options. Physics help to stimulate the economy of different countries through job creation. People who chose to invest in fields such as the oil industry, telecommunication and even in transport help in creating jobs. Many companies no longer need to travel for miles to hold a meeting.

You can do so through conference calls and Skype meetings. The internet that is powered by Physics has shaped the world and made life easy for everyone. Marketing your products and services no longer has to rely on archaic methods of advertising such as billboards and posters. The internet will do an excellent job of reaching out to a more significant number of people. Your salespeople do not have to travel from door to door advertising your goods. Through your various social media pages and even website, you can enjoy a considerable following and high conversion rates, all thanks to Physics.

Physics is simply amazing. Its influence in life is present in almost everything we use. The examples above are a sneak view of the roles of Physics in your daily life. If you wish to study physics, be sure a wide range of career opportunities awaits you.