Tips on How You Can Get a Distinction in 'O' Level Physics

Physics Tuition

Scoring A’s in your O-level physics is no mean feat. You have to combine skills and discipline, while doggedly following your routines. Good O level physics tuition in Singapore can help you master these qualities and score an A.

Yes, a distinction is not easy, but others have done it before and so can you. Read on for tips to acing the O level physics papers.

Get Organised

If you often have trouble locating your notes or assignments, you need to read this. Disorganisation eats up your precious time and mental resources. You’ll end up spending time on what is not essential and eventually underperform in your exams.

Mark Sim, the 11-year-old who aced the GCE O level physics exam in 2015 when he was nine, believes in being organised and the value of a tutor. In an interview, Mark mentioned that he spent 30 minutes every day on private study and three hours every weekend with his tutor.

Take steps to become more organised. Start by getting a diary and organise your study calendar. Make sure that you review your notes and assignments daily and file properly to set up a distraction-free study.

Don’t Hesitate to Enrol in a Good O level Physics Tuition Centre As you get more organised and keep up with all your lectures, don’t downplay the role of tuition physics in Singapore. Tutors can help you relate what you are learning with the course syllabus. They can help you distinguish the core material in physics, such as fundamental concepts, principles and laws within elaborate materials such as examples and illustrations.

Clarify your Doubts Instantly

Now that we are on the same ground about O level physics tuition in Singapore, don’t wait until it’s too late for you to ask questions. Concepts and principles in physics are cumulative, and failure to grasp a foundational concept or principle will continue to confuse you as you take in more advanced concepts. Ask lots of questions while it is still early. Are you unclear about a concept? Ask your tutor to run it by you one more time.

Practice Regularly Using Previous Papers and Engage in a Study Group

There is a multitude of resources that you can use to prepare for your O level physics examinations. The Ten Year Series is an excellent place to start and will give you an almost identical feel of what transpires during the exams. Zachary Branson, formerly of St. Gabriel Secondary School, used this approach and aced his O level physics. As you engage the past papers, share your challenges and victories with your tutor or study group and brainstorm on different solutions. You will discover a multitude of problem-solving techniques and be on your way to scoring an A.

Finally, a distinction is a great achievement. However, the process of obtaining the A’s is what counts. As you practice these four tips, you will also become more organised, disciplined and self-motivated.