How to make full use of your TYS for your O Level Physics

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Religously practising past papers to prepare for oncoming exams is one of the best strategies to use. Many students swear by this method. However, not knowing how to use them can leave you bewildered. The Ten Year Series are compilations of previous official exam scripts. The TYS is often used as the benchmark for practising past papers.

Here’s how you can make full use of your TYS for your O level physics.

Use the TYS to Simulate Exam Conditions

You can use the TYS to familiarise yourself with the type of questions, the kind of answers, and practice on how to manage your time and to stay focused.

Here’s what you can do.

  • Agree on a paper from the TY series with your tutor and ask him or her help you set up conditions, including the exam room rules, similar to the real thing.
  • Make sure that you have read extensively and thoroughly prepared for the mock paper.
  • End the paper according to the official time restrictions and give it to your tutor to mark.

Familiarising yourself with exam conditions will be a great help in helping you stay composed and perform at your best in the actual exam.

Attempt a Paper More than Once

They say practice makes perfect and the same goes for your O level physics tuition in Singapore.

If you have a particular paper or question that you often find your eyes straying to the back side for the answer, beat the cheat by attempting the test again and again. Make sure that you don’t check for the answer at the back and keep reviewing whether you have improved.

Do the TYS Early

Be organised. Start on the TYS papers early and do not abandon the practice until when you approach the last few days. This way, you will enrich your O level physics tuition with an extensive number of papers, and be effective in covering several concepts and testing methods. You will also have conditioned yourself better for the real thing.

Putting off the TYS to the last minute is not advisable. They can make you nervous and lose confidence if you are unable to answer the questions and the actual exam is imminent. Your best bet is to attempt as many as possible while it is early enough to supplement your classes and O level physics tuition in Singapore.

Trust Your Teachers and Tutors

Your teachers or tutors know best. Trust their judgement and learn to follow their instructions on how to do past papers. Trust their experience and follow their lead. For example, if you are asked to undertake a TYS paper in a group, go for it and engage fully in the discussions that ensue, you will learn a great deal.

To conclude, the TYS is an excellent resources for your O level physics tuition. They are legit, approved by Singapore’s Ministry of Education and University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate (UCLES). Use the books and the above tips to prepare for future examinations and to understand how examiners test the applications of concepts as well as the learner’s grasp of various concepts.