Studying Methods Best For H2 Physics Students

Physics Tuition

Many H2 physics students often say that mathematical operations and understanding concepts correctly can be a challenge. However, the resounding agreement is that physics is a fascinating natural science that explains the world around us and is an excellent choice for a career.

This two-way pull of a fascinating yet challenging subject will prompt you to think, is H2 physics tuition in Singapore sufficient? What are the best study methods for H2 physics?

Here are some tips that’ll help you understand the concepts in physics and achieve good results.

Spend Your H2 Physics Tuition Time Grasping the Basics

If you look closely at what you’ve learned so far in physics, you’ll notice that physics is based on a number of key concepts, and everything else emanates from these concepts. Most of the exam questions are based on these key theories or a variation of them. Therefore, it makes sense not to focus your H2 physics tuition on memorising complex problems. Instead, focus on understanding the basic concepts and underlying principles and eventually learn how to make the connection between different areas.

Sharpen Your Math Skills:

Mathematical operations are as real as physics get and you cannot avoid them. That means that if you are adept with math, you will have an easier time mastering physics.

Take some extra time to go back to your math tests, sharpen your memory of formulas and how to handle certain mathematical operations. Take the time to undertake different math exercises in order to understand different approaches to solve a problem or variations of the same problem.

Here’s a word of caution at this point. You should spend more of your time in H2 physics tuition tackling new problems or problems you attempted before but failed. Examiners in H2 physics want to test your ability to resolve more than the ability to recall.

Keep it Simple

A fast approaching exam dates can make anyone nervous and a bit irrational. The same happens when your physics tuition teacher mentions a surprise test.

But nervousness will just disrupt your thinking flow and confuse you.

Try to remain as calm as possible. After all, you’ve spent a considerable amount of time studying, practicing and figuring out how the examiners can twist a question. Approach a problem with a simple mind as much as possible. It may be wordy and seem difficult at first but if you give it a second look and analyse it confidently, you’ll realise it is easier to solve than when you first saw it.

Teach Others

Want to test your knowledge and sharpen it at the same time? Teach others in your H2 physics class. It’s the reason why your H2 physics teacher looks so sharp. They spend so much time teaching others.

When you teach, you’ll be compelled by your conscious to do extensive research – first so that you are sure you are teaching the right thing and second, so that no questions that come your way can surprise you.

So, ask a few buddies if they need some coaching in physics and take up the challenge.

Not only will you look good, but you also sharpen your physics skills.