How To Get Your Children To Enjoy Physics From Young?

Ask any students in school, and not many would rank physics as their favourite subject. Many find physics boring, and that is a pity because children are naturally born scientists. Recall the time when you were a child being easily fascinated with lights and shadows, magnets, and water ripples. When we were children, we found aspects of physics interesting even before we knew what physics was. The subject, while a core aspect of the modern school curriculum, is more than just concepts and formulas; but an essential and relevant aspect of our everyday life.

As parents and adults, the responsibility is on us to maintain children’s scientific interests alive and growing. Hence, we have compiled a list of ways you can do so.

1. Encourage them to be inquisitive

Children often ask the most random yet perceptive questions to understand how the work works, such as “How do birds fly?” or “Why is the sky blue?” Always encourage them to be inquisitive, even if you do not have the answers. Enjoy discussing such topics with them and answer them to the best you can.

2. Guide their observations

Our everyday life is full of opportunities to educate them on the fundamentals of physics. For example, you can teach them the doppler while you are both in a car and listening to the change in sound as you approach and pass by other vehicles. Encourage them to note down what they observe through drawing or writing.

3. Engage in fun hands-on activities

Hands-on activities, such as experiments or games pertaining to physics, are vital in developing the child’s interest in the subject. Not only can they experience and see physics in play physically, but they are ideal as bonding sessions for both parents and children. Through an engaging hands-on activity, children get to develop an interest in the targeted topic.

4. Provide them with necessary resources

As your child explores and grows in interest in the physics world, you will need to feed their growing needs with resources, such as science books or magazines. Not only do you provide them with the avenue to grow deeper into their love for physics, but you also make it seem that their interest is valuable.

5. Let them freely explore

If you are one of those parents who ‘helicopter’ around their children tightly, you might want to step back a little on that. Learning involves the child being able to explore freely and get their hands dirty. Children tend to stay away from the things that make their parents worry, which results in the crushing of their curiosity. Hence, providing positive reinforcement with the right amount of safety net will enable them to step away from their comfort zone and discover more.


Encouraging your children to be curious brings about a positive impact on their perception of physics. It is never too early or too late to get them to enjoy the subject. Physics is all around them, whether at home or in school. For more information on engaging in fun and relevant teaching, you may find out more about our physics tuition classes at our website at