Group vs Private Tuition: Which Is The Better Option?

Tuition has always been considered to be beneficial for any child. For difficult subjects that may require a lot more practice, such as physics, tuition can be a way for students to maximise their productivity and get additional help from their tutors. There are 2 types of physics tuition available for students: group tuition, and private tuition.

Which one should you enrol in? To help you better understand both, here are the key differences between group and private tuition, and which one is the better option for you.

Pros of group tuition

Group tuition can occur in small groups or in a large classroom-based group. Mainly, the advantages of group tuition relates to its opportunities for collaboration and peer-learning. Some of these advantages are:

• Learn about various approaches to problem-solving through brainstorming
• Enter a healthy competitive environment with other peers
• Strict learning schedule
• Develop confidence in themselves to ask questions in front of the group
• Get motivation from peers that may be doing better performance-wise

Cons of group tuition

Group tuition may not be beneficial for students who may be weak in certain areas or physics topics. Their weaknesses may go unattended as teachers do not have the time required to help every student throughout the tuition time frame. In some cases, other students may also work as a source of distraction and slow down the struggling student’s learning pace.

Pros of private tuition

The most important aspect of private tuition is allowing students to receive undivided attention due to the nature of one-on-one classes. It also provides additional benefits, such as:

• Assessing and deciding the weak areas and focusing more on them
• Allowing students to follow a learning pace of their own
• Enables a more flexible class schedule as per the availability of both the teacher and the student

Cons of private tuition

Private tuition may be ideal for those with specific learning needs. However, there are also some disadvantages to this, such as:

• Higher tuition fees
• No collaborative learning from peers


To sum up both choices, you should look at your learning preferences and needs and identify which areas you are struggling in. As both tuition options offer a different learning pace, requirement, and your grasping power of the subject, the right tuition should be one that is catered to your needs.

To give you a better understanding of whether you should choose a group or private setting for your JC physics tuition, here's what you should know. For individuals that are much more competitive, you will be able to get motivated by your peers in group tuition as you can push each other to improve. However, for struggling students, the best choice is to opt for private tuition where you will get the fullest attention from your tutors, and ensure that your learning doesn't lag behind others in school.