4 In-demand & Interesting Career Paths For Physics Students

Do you enjoy studying physics but are unsure of how it could help your career prospects? Well, the good news is, physics skills are valuable in a variety of careers – not just any career, but some in high-demand too!

Whether you are striving for an opportunity to pursue your bachelor’s in physics or just have a great interest in studying physics in secondary school, you are in the right place. This article will offer you some ideas regarding the career prospects, some of which you may not expect to be related to physics at all!

1. Orthotist/Prosthetist

Orthotists and prosthetists examine, diagnose, and treat individuals who require external medical devices to replace a missing limb or aid their mobility, movement, or function. You will be dealing with people of all ages who need external medical devices, including replacement of limbs, or people who have a broad range of clinical conditions such as spinal injury or deformity.

Your skills in physics will come in handy when considering the range of movements of the devices, as well as their physical stability. Principles of forces will be essential to know. On top of physics, a foundation in biology will be useful, and depending on the certification you take, you will likely be required to study related branches of medicine, physiology, and anatomy.

2. Sound engineer

Sound engineers combine their scientific knowledge with creativity to produce a high-quality live or recorded sound. This career is not restricted to just music production, but also vital to audio production for games and films, audio mixing for concerts, radio or TV broadcast.

Getting the right sound requires keen ears and physics knowledge of how sound waves behave, including different frequencies, reverberation, and room acoustics. Furthermore, sound engineers are also typically musicians or technicians with specialist knowledge in operating gear like microphones and mixing consoles.

3. Data analyst

If you are also gifted with strong mathematical and analytical skills, this would be a fulfilling profession for you. Data analysts are high in demand across many industries as Big Data is a highly valuable source of information for many organisations. Data analysts are not just responsible for identifying trends from raw data, but also for providing insight and interpretation of said through clear visual, written, and verbal communication.

Physics and science students in general often make great data analysts because of their experience with handling scientific data, presenting them in graphs and tables for scientific research. Most professional data analysts will also be familiar with programming language, so it will be a good idea to pick up a few if you are thinking of heading in this direction.

4. Physics teacher

This career path is perfect for the ones who feel that they will be able to engage with the people, impart knowledge and learn new skills while working with students. Physics teachers are not just limited to school teachers, but you can also teach physics tuition as a tutor, or conduct science camps for children programmes.

Apart from being knowledgeable in physics concepts, physics teachers need to be able to explain them well so that students can understand. Great physics teachers would also be able to impart a passion for the subject to their students!


There are many career paths for you to consider when studying physics. If you are interested and committed to studying physics, we provide JC physics tuition that will surely help you understand all the concepts and formulae you need to know!