The Amazing Impact Of Physics Tuition On Teen Students

Tuition is a huge part of the Singapore education culture, and for good reasons. It’s not just about our kiasu nature, but also because it simply works!

The logic is straightforward: Struggling with physics? Then get physics tuition! It will help you or your child get some extra practice and guidance, and improve your confidence and performance in the subject.

If you are still doubtful about whether tuition works, perhaps it’s time to take a look at how tuition is beneficial to students. Here are some of the positive effects that physics tuition has:

1. Simplified and customised instruction

Schools often use generalised textbooks in teaching students. This means that, while the materials contain enough information, they’re nowhere near detailed enough to provide a good enough explanation that can help students of different learning abilities understand. This is especially true for challenging topics found in physics.

On the other hand, with physics tuition, a student gets access to streamlined and customised instruction that is meant to help them improve effectively and quickly. With a smaller teacher to student ratio, the teen also gets more personalised guidance.

2. Improved self-esteem and confidence

Having poor grades often comes hand-in-hand with psychological issues of lowered self-esteem and confidence. This affects students’ morale and motivation, which can lead to even lower academic performance, resulting in a downward spiral. Thus, physics tuition is valuable because it doesn’t just boost a students’ grades, but also their attitude towards learning and their self.

So, don’t think that tuition is all about the grades. Sometimes, it can help a child become more confident in life, and change their course for the better.

3. Professional guidance

School teachers are professionals too, but they also have to juggle other responsibilities like class discipline, co-curricular activities, and a class of about 40 students. In contrast, tutors are fully dedicated to teaching their subject, and they do so with small class sizes or sometimes even one-to-one.

You would expect most of these tutors to be former school teachers with a wealth of experience and know-how, and many also come from very well-learned backgrounds, master’s or professor-level knowledge. So, when you send your child to tuition, you are paying for this high level of expertise and focused guidance which will be difficult to find elsewhere.

Develop healthy habits

Do you know why some people pay to have a fitness instructor at the gym? It’s not always because they need help with the exercises themselves. Most of the time, the personal trainer is there to give their clients a direction and a blueprint, and motivate them to reach their goals.

It’s the exact same thing with tutors and tuition centres. They are not just there to offer more textbooks which you can find yourself – they are there to teach students how to develop good study habits, and motivate them to find success in their studies.

Tuition classes benefit students in countless ways. Not just struggling students benefit from it – average and high-performing students can also glean useful things from it. So, don’t ignore the advantages of physics tuition any longer!