Singapore Junior Physics Olympiad (SJPO) 2017 Results*

新加坡初级物理奥林匹克竞赛 2017 成绩*

* SJPO did not publish results in 2017 hence Mr. Phang only knows his students' results.

Ding Tianyao (SJI International), the top student in SJPO 2016 general round, missed the registration deadline for SJPO 2017. He had to self-register as his school does not conduct SJPO.

  Name/ 学生姓名 School Name/校名 Award/奖杯
1 Emmanuel L. Chan Raffles Institution Gold 
2 Luke Tan Raffles Institution Gold 
3 Pan Liyu Raffles Institution Gold 
4 Lu MingYuan Bukit Batok Secondary School Silver 
5 Oliver J. Tan NUS High School of Math & Science Silver 
6 Jerald Siah Raffles Institution Silver 
7 Josh Ho Raffles Institution Silver 
8 Mikail Firas Jabbar Raffles Institution Silver 
9 Rayden Wei Raffles Institution Silver 
10 Denise Lee Nanyang Girls' High School Bronze
11 Li Zhuangda NUS High School of Math & Science Bronze
12 Paul Seow NUS High School of Math & Science Bronze
13 Rebecca Chin Raffles Girls' School (Secondary) Bronze
14 Fu Weifeng Raffles Institution Bronze
15 Lim Zinn-E Raffles Institution Bronze
16 Michael Pan Raffles Institution Bronze
17 Tay Kar Ray Raffles Institution Bronze


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