Looking for Tuition? Here Are Some Factors to Consider

There are many reasons as to why you would enrol your child in a tuition class. Ultimately, tuition is about enriching your child with knowledge and exposure that he needs to navigate through the complex subject. As your child's competency in the subject improves, he will feel less stressed the next time he sits for his physics examination or practical.

On top of juggling between their many subjects and extracurricular activities, grappling a subject like Physics can be difficult. So, if you're planning to enrol your child in physics tuition, we hope these factors will aid in your decision!

1. Credibility of tutor

Look into the qualifications of the physics tutor. There are two ways one can go about determining this:

Tutor's accreditations

Check if the tutor possesses the relevant skills and knowledge to be able to aid your child in learning. For example, if the tutor is offering JC physics tuition, it is ideal if they have experience with teaching JC level physics in school.

Testimonials from past students

This affirms the tutor's credibility and reassures your decision to enrol your child in their services.

These qualities would help you identify a certified and professional tutor. You also need to know if the tutor can evaluate your child's weaknesses so that they would be able to guide them properly.

2. The chemistry between your child and tutor

When you think of physics tuition, notes and lesson materials might have come to your mind. However, another important factor that parents tend to overlook is the approachability of the tutor. A tutor establishing mutual trust and understanding with the student contributes to their comfort in learning. It also creates a safe environment for the student to clarify their doubts and gain knowledge freely.

3. Parental support

Tutors are focused on the educational aspect of improving your child's learning. So, on top of supporting their tuition services financially, you can aid them emotionally too! Participate in your child's education by monitoring their progress, which also shows you if the tuition classes are useful. When at home, ensure that a proper environment is maintained. Also, avoid adding pressure to your child that they must excel exceptionally in their academics.

4. Affordability

You need to know that you're paying for the right services, especially since tuition services are getting popular. If you compare between different physics classes, you might notice the varying price points. However, the fees are not the only thing you should be considering. Instead, delve deeper into the quality of the services provided like the number of hours and subject provided.

5. Location

A conducive environment plays an essential role in learning, so you should take into account the location of the tuition centre. If it's located in a noisy neighbourhood, then this would act as a distraction for the students. Another aspect is the distance travelled to the centre from your child's school or home. If the centre is too far from their school, then your child might be too tired to engage in the session thoroughly.


We hope the factors mentioned above would aid in your decision in sourcing out for a suitable tuition class for your child.