Is it Hard to Get an A in A-Level Physics?

Physics Tuition

Many Singaporean students, as well as parents, have the notion that physics is a tough subject. People think that you can only take up physics if you are a weird, anti-social bookworm or an Einstein wannabe. Others believe that physics is a special subject reserved only for extra-brainy people. Others say that they simply can’t keep up with the equation and concepts.

However, scoring an A in A-level physics is yet another challenge. But just how hard is it to score an A in your A-level physics? Leading professors from the National University of Singapore and Nanyang Technological University agree unanimously that scoring an A in A-level physics is not a wonder-job. An A in physics is often an outcome of personal interest, an excellent foundation and disciplined determination. They also added that physics tuition and a good A-level physics tutor can boost your chances of scoring that A.

Here’s a look at how these factors influence your grade A-level physics.

It Depends on Your Interest Level

Have you always been intrigued by physics? Do you get excited at the very mention of a physics class or do you frown at the idea of attending JC physics tuition?

If you scaled past the O-levels successfully and you’re contemplating on taking up physics at the A-level, brace yourself for more about electric currents, magnetism, waves, and infinitesimal particles. You’ll encounter these topics in A-level physics tuition. However, if these terms don’t excite you or spark some curiosity, you may be in for a rough ride.

Scoring an A in A-level physics requires you to read ahead even if it’s just to satisfy a personal curiosity.

It depends on your foundation

Having an interest in physics is an excellent ingredient if you are to score an A. However, many concepts in A-level physics are extensions of what you learned during your O-levels. You’ll have an extra-hard time if you were not strong in these base concepts. However, you can take up some remedial physics tuition classes to address the gaps.

A good foundation will make it much easier to grasp how the concept develops and other new concepts.

It depends on your discipline

Scoring an A in any A-level subject does not just happen by chance, not even if you have an extraordinary IQ or if you are extra-talented in it. Remember, hard work always beats talent.

Scoring an A in A-level physics requires you to master many concepts, mathematical operations and think outside the box. This means you have to be meticulous in following through on all your physics tuition classes, getting additional exercises and practice papers.

A Good A-Level Physics Tutor is a Bonus

It’s well established that Singaporean A-level physics exams are as tough as they come. The questions are rarely forthright and often fished out of the textbook syllabus.

Therefore, a good A-level physics tutor who can help you understand the concepts beyond the textbooks is extremely helpful in your quest for an A in A-level physics.

To conclude, scoring an A in A-level physics is not hard. You must first have the interest, a solid foundation to build in, be disciplined and boost your efforts by enrolling for physics tuition with an excellent A-level physics tutor.