HBL: How to Enhance Your Online Physics Tuition Sessions

At Physics.com.sg, our physics tuition classes have been shifted online following the Circuit Breaker period! As we adjust to this new normal, we inevitably adapt to a new routine and structure to aid us during this process, especially since home-based learning mainly revolves around web conferences between students and teachers.

At home, we’re obviously in a different environment as compared to tuition. Mainly since our time spent at home is usually associated with leisure. In a new learning setting, can we still reap the benefits from tuition as we do in a regular classroom? Read on to find out!

Be on task

Learning requires time and energy, hence learning to manage your time well is a critical skill.

During your online tuition session, communicate well with your tutor to know the amount of time you’re given to work on a task. If you feel like you need more time, don’t hesitate to let the tutor know!

Allocating realistic amounts of time equates to productive learning for both students and tutors.

Stay engaged

When you’re in group-based tuition, you might think that you’re at a disadvantage because you can’t have your tutor’s sole attention. However, learning is enhanced when you’re in a collaborative and social environment!

As you and other students work on the same set of questions, your involvement in solving the problems is increased. When everyone is done, you’d be able to share your ideas as well as hear from others! It’s even better when other students ask questions that you might not have thought of.

With everyone sharing their thoughts, you’ll leave the session with a deeper understanding.

Test your understanding

Test yourself to see how much you understand what you’ve learnt, by applying the physics concepts to real-life settings.

It can be as simple as knowing that the sharpness of a knife is due to its small surface area hence, creating more pressure. Since you’re in a collaborative environment, everyone could share what they’ve learnt. This way, you’d be able to expand your learning horizons even from a distance.

You’d also be able to enrich your physics learning experience when you notice how prominent physics is in the world.

Evaluate what you’ve learnt

Just because your online physics tuition is over; it doesn’t mean that you should stop.

After a short break, take at least half an hour to assess your understanding by working on more problems. If not, check your lesson materials to identify your areas of strengths and weaknesses. So, as you work on improving your areas of weaknesses, you can also start upgrading on your strengths by practising difficult questions.

After you’re done, you can send it to your tutor or show it to them during the next session so you can receive feedback!


If you think that the quality of home-based learning is as good as on-site learning, then fret not. We’re confident that your physics tuition class will be conducted with unparalleled enthusiasm and zeal! But of course, it takes two to tango. So, aside from your learning materials, bring your A-game to the online sessions – just as you have for the usual sessions.