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If you see this Bus 156, which plies Clementi-Bukit Timah-Bishan, you are likely studying at a top school.

Sadly top schools don't set PSLE COP for teachers (Google shocking news of I.P. teachers who were normal students).

End up, Bishan & Bt. Timah are full of late bloomers boasting about their students' alma mater (but not their own ) except a few fellow Rafflesians Irwin, Kelvin, Jack & Hwachongians Melvin, Julian who dare publicise their good degrees.

Parents who're top school alumni asked "What else is new?" but others should heed Law Prof. Dr. Madonsela:

"I need to listen well so that I hear what is not said."

Double Tragedy of Tuition

Tragedy 1 : Late bloomers who couldn't get into top schools open tuition centres nearby to fulfil their childhood dream

Tragedy 2 : Clueless students signed up with tutors who couldn't get into their school

Double Clues for Clueless Students

Clue 1: Top schools didn't ban ex-teachers from disclosing their alma mater, see RI teacher-turned-principal is alumnus. Why are their teachers-turned-tutors secretive?

Clue 2: Ask ChatGPT.

What's the point of attending a top school where teachers-turned-tutors are late bloomers? You may as well attend your teacher's alma mater Since what's done cannot be undone, the next best thing is to Contact Us

Where are the Early Bloomers?

Of 5 educators from RI '82: 1 in MOE HQ, 2 in NUS, 1 in NTU, only Mr. Phang is in tuition, surrounded by late bloomers who entered top schools only after they became adults

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