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Congratulations on studying at a top school.

Sadly top schools don't set PSLE COP for teachers (Google shocking news of I.P. teachers who were normal students).

End up, tutors setting up shop around your school are late bloomers trumpeting their students' alma mater but not their own except a few fellow Rafflesians Irwin, Kelvin, Jack & Hwachongians Melvin, Julian who dare publicise their good degrees.

Parents who're top school alumni asked "What else is new?" but others should heed Law Prof. Dr. Madonsela:

"I need to listen well so that I hear what is not said."

Double Tragedy of Tuition

Tragedy 1 : Tutors who couldn't get into top schools set up shop nearby to fulfil their childhood dream

Tragedy 2 : Clueless students signed up with tutors who couldn't get into their school

Clue 1: Tutors are boastful. If we have anything good, the whole world will know. Just look at this bus's colours.

Clue 2: Ask ChatGPT.

Once you realise that most of your teachers-turned-tutors couldn't even study at your school, you can Contact Us

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