A Level Physics Concepts That Most Students Struggle With

Physics Tuition

Do you know why physics tuition is so prevalent in Singapore?

It’s because physics is considered one of the most challenging subject in the country. But, at the same time, doing well in physics is also essential in getting into a top university and helps guarantee a fine career path once you graduate.

As such, both parents and students are flocking to tuition centres to get quality physics tuition to ensure a better future. If you’re a student who’s set to start his or her A-level physics soon, it would be a good idea to come prepared.

That is why we rounded up some physics concepts that most students usually struggle with.

Particle Physics

Physics, or science in general, helps you make sense of the world around you.

You could explain how we’re able to walk, breathe, talk, and function as a human being using physics. But, once particle physics kicks in, things start to make very little sense.

From studying the duality of photons to the standard model, as well as how different types of articles are affected by fundamental forces, particle physics can be confusing to most people.

Particle physics is just a start too. Because, once you get past this, the deeper you get into physics, the less everything makes sense.

The Big Bang Theory

Are you aware of how physics is supposed to help you make sense of everything? Well, the big bang theory will probably hit you hard.

We don’t know how the universe came about and what exactly happened.

What came first? How did it come about? Studying the big bang theory during your A-level physics will teach you a lot of new concepts. This includes homogeneity, isotropy, and many more.

Thermal Physics

How well you do in studying thermal physics depends on three things: your determination, your understanding of classical mechanics, and finally, your level of mathematics.

If you’re good on all three, then you’ll do better than most students.

Thermal physics concerns itself with thermodynamics, statistical mechanics, as well as the kinetic theory. These are all different concepts to wrap your head around, especially if you do not have a solid foundation.

On the plus side, once you start diving deeper into thermal physics, you’d find yourself easily amazed by everything around you. For example, how your refrigerator works and the amount of physics involved in making sure that it does its job.

How to Improve in Physics

If you find yourself struggling with A-level physics, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Receiving quality physics tuition can go a long way in helping you catch back up. But, keep in mind, it’s just one part of the equation.

If you aim to do well for your physics exam, you’ll need to put in the necessary effort such as taking down notes and revising frequently. If you fail to do so, even the best instructors will not be able to help you.