5 Interesting Ways Physics Is Extended Into Our Daily Life

Physics tuition might be far from enjoyable. To some, it can be quite dry and seldom fun, but the subject of physics itself doesn’t necessarily need to be as overwhelming as you think it is. When you try taking the time to apply the “how” and the “why” that you learned in class, you’ll see just how physics applies to real-life situations.

Physics extends well into your everyday life – you just might have not realised it! Here are 5 interesting ways physics is ever-present in our daily lives.


I’m sure you have heard of what gravity is. It is the force that affects your body mass, pulling you towards the centre of the earth. The mere fact that you can stay grounded while you walk is all due to physics.

Another good example would be how water in a lake is held in the right place. It is because of gravity’s pull.


Inertia is the reason why we need to wear seatbelts. What do you notice when you come to a sudden stop while on a running car? Your feet stay mostly stays grounded but not your upper body. This is because of inertia.

Inertia is defined as to how an object continues moving at its current velocity unless a force causes its speed or direction to change. In the car, your body is moving as quickly as the car. Your seatbelt, holding you tightly to the seat, is the force that prevents your body from continuing to move when you hit the brakes.


When you’re walking, have you noticed how you don’t slip on some surfaces while you’re essentially just sliding about on others? For example, take the difference between walking on a wet bathroom floor and a tar road


Walking on wet bathroom floors involves minimal resistance between the soles of your feet and the surface. This explains why it’s slippery! On the other hand, tar roads are rougher than your wet bathroom floor. Therefore, it has increased resistance when you walk on it, improving grip and making it less likely that you’ll slip.


Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, or light bulbs, all of these work on the very same principles. They all use electricity, or in particular, the electromagnetic spectrum, as well as the undulating patterns of magnetism and electricity.


When a water bottle fills up, the air column or amount of air inside it decreases. This causes the pitch of the sound to increase as the amount of air and water is inversely proportional. Therefore, you can tell how full a bottle is without looking at it.


Take time to think and you’d be surprised as to how many physics concepts can be applied to anything and everything around you. This is why many consider physics as a very fundamental branch of science because of how it involves the entire world essentially. Sign up for JC physics tuition with us to help you understand physics better!