4 Hacks To Attain The Best Results In A-Level Physics

Regardless if you’re in the H1 or H2 Physics stream, excelling in the subject is possible. It goes without saying that learning something definitely takes effort. And if you plan to master Physics learning, then be prepared to give it your best shot.

Contrary to popular belief, Physics is not hard to study. It demands your understanding rather than relying on rote memorisation, but once you comprehend what you’re learning, you can’t help but fall in love with the subject! So, here are some hacks that are feasible and practical to aid in nurturing your understanding, to help you succeed in the subject.

1. Tackle challenging concepts early

Aside from dealing with complex problem solving and math, there are also some difficult topics to learn. For example, the H2 syllabus breaks down Electricity into several subtopics such as Electric Fields, Currents of Electricity, D.C. Circuits and the like.

If you aren’t able to grasp an understanding of one topic at first, your confusion might end up snowballing when learning the next few subtopics, which is why you must make a determined effort to tackle your doubts and misconceptions early.

2. Re-learn what you’ve learnt

Acquiring new knowledge and becoming competent in it necessitates the act of continual re-learning. To ace in Physics, you need regular revisions and repetitive exercises which you could get from workbooks, worksheets from schools or additional resources from attending Physics tuition.

Revising not only helps you to familiarise yourself with formulae, concepts and definitions, but it also helps increase your confidence in the subject. When attempting the same few questions over and over again, try to inculcate a habit of reading the questions carefully so as to avoid making careless mistakes. One mark loss is indeed, one mark too many.

3. Form a study group

Studying with a group of like-minded friends with the same goal to excel in Physics is another way to foster your interest in the subject. The peer support you receive from revising together occurs when friends share knowledge to help each other.

As everyone thinks differently, studying with friends allows you to broaden your horizons, especially when they provide a different solution to a problem as compared to yours.

But if you find yourself getting distracted instead, then it’s best to stop. Otherwise, you won’t be reaping the full benefits that you should be getting.

4. Seek help from someone experienced

Witnessing significant improvement in your grades take time. Sometimes, you need a little push, which could be in the form of enrolling yourself in JC Physics tuition.

With tuition, you’re able to get help from a competent and experienced tutor who can enhance your Physics learning. One of which could be by customising the teaching plan according to your areas of weakness, in contrast to schools which cater to the pace of the lesson plan.


Physics requires a genuine grasp of concepts to apply them in various contexts. Simply memorising formulae, definitions and concepts won’t guarantee success. This thinking process is what grants Physics’ distinct value in learning.