3 Ways That Are Sure To Pick Up Your interest In Physics

Seeing as how physics is a subject that incorporates many numbers, equations, and formulae, it’s easy to see why many students perceive the subject to be challenging. However, physics doesn’t just subject you and other students to more calculations without big payoffs.

Getting to the end result and fully understanding concepts such as Newton’s Laws of Motion and the Archimedes Principle can net you that amazing feeling of finally knowing how and why everyday occurrences work in the way they do. These discoveries let students appreciate the world and nature more than they’ve ever had, and it always leaves a wonderful feeling when one learns something new at the end of the day. If you’re not much of a fan of physics but wish to turn things around, here are three tips on how to fall in love with the subject.

1. Immerse in physics-related media

To nurture your interest in physics, it’s a good idea to start with the easier things first and then gradually work up to something more challenging. As such, it’s best to further increase your wonder and fascination about physics in action via easy to digest stories and films.

Movies such as The Theory of Everything, Particles Fever, and Gravity are excellent choices for understanding various physics concepts and their underlying origins. Besides watching films, it’s also recommended to read the life stories of famous physicists today and discover their journey and outstanding achievements in the physics scene.

2. Break your revision into smaller segments

Although you may now be brimming with enthusiasm initially and wish to improve your knowledge in the subject, it’s best to go slow first and avoid mental fatigue. Start by creating a study plan that fits your schedule and preferences and stick to your daily to-do lists. For instance, you could go in and learn for an hour or two about topics you’re interested in and then relax for the rest of the day while letting the things you learned sink into your brain.

After a couple of days, try to recall what you studied about and review the portions you might have forgotten. This spacing strategy allows your brain to absorb complex content in bite sizes, making information easier to digest and grasp.

3. Seek help with the more complex topics

After making progress in your physics learning journey, there will be times when you’ll encounter topics that are far too difficult to understand or practise on your own. In such cases, it’s better to have someone knowledgeable in the subject to guide you with quality instruction.

Enrolling in a physics tuition is the most efficient way to get the help you need and more. With the assistance of passionate and experienced tutors, it’ll be easier for you to comprehend complex physics concepts and even learn something new about the ones you already know about. Relying on their knowledge is the best way to make constant progress on your physics studies and avoid roadblocks that could potentially disrupt your growing interest in the subject.


Immersing in physics may not come naturally for most people. But with constant effort, a spark of interest, and proper instruction from JC physics tuition, students can become more invested in the subject and nurture their love for it.