3 Vital Tips For Memorising Physics Formulae For An Exam

Mastering formulas and knowing when and how to use them is usually one of the hardest parts of excelling in physics. This is why many apply for physics tuition to learn from qualified teachers. In this article, we will highlight some of the strategies that can help you memorise your formulas so that you can know when and how to apply them.

Use mnemonics

Mnemonic devices are used regularly in schools to aid in the memorisation of concepts. Some of these mnemonic devices have been around for a very long time and is hardened as a part of curriculum documents used by teachers. For instance, the mnemonic device TOA CAH SOH is popularly used to solve tangent, cosine, and sine of angles. This mnemonic device is simple to memorise and easy to apply.

Other than the already established mnemonic devices, you can make your own mnemonics to help yourself memorise the hard-to-grasp concepts. You can use words and phrases that you can remember as you equate the letters of the equation to words that you can remember.

Do your best to understand the formula

It is common knowledge that you get to apply a formula with ease if you understand it fully. To understand a formula, you have to first break it down. The memorisation of formulas can’t be a long-term strategy if you don’t understand it. In those cases, you are very likely to forget them since it is normal to forget what you don’t understand. Breaking down a formula to its constituent parameters makes it easier to remember as well. Additionally, you can also review what the formula builds on because, in the majority of circumstances, formulas build on the concepts that you’ve already learnt in class or during your JC physics tuition in Singapore.

Understanding the preceding formulas or the introductory statements can help you figure out how to use them. After you’ve done your best to understand the formulas, practice them by plugging in different values to help you understand how the formula works. If you have your exams coming soon, practising your formulas as frequently as possible will help you perform better during the examinations.

Focus on improving your mentality

Stress and worry often make it challenging to learn appropriately. It would be better if you took your time to compose yourself beforehand. It is common to find yourself overwhelmed by a lot of reading and concentration. Hunger is also one of the factors that make people distracted during their study sessions. Make a habit of eating light snacks as you study to help you maintain your concentration. Fruits and water can also do the trick if you don’t want to keep consuming light snacks. Going for a session of physical exercise after you study can help you improve your memorisation too. After exercising, it is crucial that you should have sufficient sleep. Exercise combined with adequate rest and healthy eating habits is the perfect recipe for being productive in your studies.


Just like every other thing that requires effort, memorisation requires that you do your part in laying the groundwork. This would lead to you studying longer and reading more as you build the foundation of your knowledge.