H3 Physics Resources Information Centre

H3 Physics lessons are conducted for:

*    Top JC students taking H3 Physics in JC2; and

*    Sec 2 to JC1 student prodigies.

H3 Physics is essentially a collection of topics pegged at the level of a first-year university undergraduate science or engineering programme.

H3 Physics Resources Information Centre contains flash animations related to the new H3 Physics syllabus which will replace the Special Paper in 2007, comprising the following topics: Relativity, Quantum Theory of Light, Matter Waves, Quantum Mechanics, Solid State Physics and Photonics.

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Flash Animations (more being added ...)

H3 Physics 01 Relativity

H3 Physics 0101 Simultaneity.swf


H3 Physics 02 Quantum Theory of Light

H3 Physics 0201 Wien_Diplacement_Law.swf

H3 Physics 0202 Helium_Neon_Laser.swf

H3 Physics 03 Matter Waves



H3 Physics 04 Quantum Mechanics



H3 Physics 05 Solid State Physics



H3 Physics 06 Photonics




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