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About Mr. Phang
Tel: 62756800

Phang Yu Hon's trademark "First Class in Physics Tuition®" is not just about his First-Class degree, which is more common in research than the teaching profession. It's "Class" in every sense of the word.

First-Class Alma Mater

RI (1979-84)

Phang Yu Hon wearing an Old Rafflesians' Association (ORA) necktie

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew's ORA Necktie

Auctioned by Dr. Lee Wei Ling

The Secrets are in Their Genes

First-Class Alumni

Mr. Phang studied at the same schools as every PM

Catholic High & Raffles Institution

First-Class Classmates

Classmate of Member of Parliament (RI 1980-82)

Mr. Phang studied with the who's whos in Singapore

First-Class Classmates

From Catholic High to Raffles Institution

More First-Class Classmates

First-Class Rafflesian Family

Phang Chee Kiong - RI's Top Student (1952-57)

Blog of Mr. Phang's uncle (大伯) - Director of Electricity at the Public Utilities Board

First-Class Rafflesian Family

Prof. Phang Kok Wai (NTU School of Civil Engineering)
RI's Top Maths Student (1953-58)

Unlike tutors who need to trumpet their students' alma mater, Mr. Phang can trumpet his own family's alma mater