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About Mr. Phang
Tel: 62756800

Most tutors' story begins in adulthood but Mr. Phang, like Raffles Hotel, has a good heritage which resonates with his guests.

Phang Yu Hon's trademark "First Class in Physics Tuition®" is not just about his First-Class degree, which is more common in research than the teaching profession. It's "Class" in every sense of the word.

First-Class Alma Mater

RI (1979-84)

Phang Yu Hon wearing a necktie that Old Rafflesians' Association (ORA) gave Mr. Lee

Mr. Lee Kuan Yew (RI 1935-40) Necktie Auctioned by Dr. Lee

"Did the cream automatically float to the schools that repeatedly churned out good examination results or did these schools transform academically mediocre students into academic stars? I rather believe it was the former."

Dr. Lee Wei Ling (RI 1971-72)
The Secrets are in Their Genes

First-Class Alumni

Mr. Phang studied at the same schools as every PM

CHS & RI, where teachers-turned-tutors build their career by claiming credit for their students' superior natural abilities

First-Class Classmates

Classmate of Member of Parliament (RI 1980-82)

Mr. Phang is greatly honoured to have studied with the who's whos in Singapore

First-Class Classmates

Including RI Board of Governors Chairman's Son
and Schoolmates for the Second Generation

More First-Class Classmates

First-Class Rafflesian Family

Phang Chee Kiong - RI's Top Student (1952-57)

Blog of Mr. Phang's uncle (大伯) - Last Director of Electricity at the Public Utilities Board before it became Singapore Power

First-Class Rafflesian Family

Prof. Phang Kok Wai (NTU School of Civil Engineering)
RI's Top Maths Student (1953-58)

Unlike tutors who coveted to teach at RI instead of their own alma maters which needed them more, Mr. Phang had no ulterior motive to study at RI as it is a natural family tradition